About Us

Mask On Every Face, LLC is dedicated to empowering providers, civilians and businesses with the ability to procure PPE in a reliable and efficient manner.

Mask On Every Face was established in order to combat the alarming shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Early into the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. William C. “Kip” Schumacher recognized an immediate need for PPE across the multitude of institutions fighting the virus. Dr. Schumacher is a 40-year veteran of the Emergency Medicine field, and Founder of Schumacher Group that has served tens of millions of patients over the years. Dr. Schumacher realized that the public sector did not have the bandwidth to supply the unprecedented demand for PPE, consequently crippling the ability to effectively contain the spread of the disease and protect the lives of both healthcare professionals and civilians alike. 

The mismatch between supply and demand outlined the necessity for the private sector to support the efforts of the public sector in a capacity never seen before.

Dr. Schumacher recruited a team of long-time veterans in the direct import business to support his cause. Steve Levine, Jason Levine and Mike Roberts have a combined 75 years of experience in general merchandise importing and retail distribution; they service many of the largest retailers in the United States and abroad across multiple different verticals. With their deep knowledge of Asia factory bases and experience navigating China’s complex factory landscape, Steve and Mike were able to quickly identify the most credible sources in China for manufacturing PPE items that were in critical demand. In a period of two weeks, we began shipping millions of masks and other items to provider networks and hospital groups, creating a supply chain that would enable states, agencies and organizations the ability to protect providers, patients and the general public. 

On April 2, 2020, we created Mask On Every Face, LLC with a very simple goal: to empower healthcare providers by providing them with the PPE necessary to practice safely and effectively. Five long weeks later, we had developed a robust supply chain with comprehensive distribution channels to reach providers, patients, businesses, and the community as a whole. Currently, we’re on track to import and distribute 60 million disposable face masks, FFRs, and surgical masks per month. Please contact us if you or your company is in need of essential PPE. We’ll never ignore an opportunity to help.