Cordless UV Sanitizing Spray Gun
Cordless UV Sanitizing Spray Gun
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    Cordless UV Sanitizing Spray Gun

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    DESCRIPTION — Lightweight, handheld, and rechargeable sanitizing spray gun with effective range up to 6.5ft. This item vaporizes liquid sanitizer to quickly and effectively sanitize large, high-contact areas. Ideal for hospitality and service industry use, along with daily household cleaning and disinfection.

    ✔ Compatible with liquid disinfectant for household sanitization 

    ✔ Features 28 fl oz (3.5 Cup) screw-in fluid bottle for easy fill 

    ✔ Produces quick-drying mist for instant purification of air and surfaces 

    ✔ Outfitted with set of 8 UV lights for additional efficacy 

    ✔ Helps prevent infection from common household viruses and bacteria 

    ✔ Effective range up to 6.5 ft 

    ✔ Adjusting knob allows the user to select spray intensity 

    ✔ Rechargeable, cordless operation for added versatility 

    ✔ Quicky recharges in 2 hours for up to 3 hours of constant use